How to spot a fake Seiko Z22 / Z20 diver's strap

This strap was purchased from eBay and advertised as a "Genuine Seiko rubber Z22 divers strap" (click image below to view full auction screen grab)

Fake Z22 Auction - Click to enlarge

Unfortunately, the strap is far from "Genuine". It is a cheap fake.

These fake Z22 / Z20 straps can be purchased from any far east flea market for peanuts (I've seen the very same strap for sale in Bangkok for 25Bht - approx 48p). The big difference is, when buying from these flea markets, you know the strap is fake. It's blatantly obvious.
The seller in question has, judging by his feedback, sold thousands of these straps in the UK netting quite a tidy profit. eBay has done nothing to stop the seller despite warnings.
Surprisingly, very few of the buyers have spotted the fact that the straps are cheap fakes. In isolation you might assume that Seiko make pretty poor quality rubber straps. Against the real thing, the difference is obvious.
This page shows how you can easily and quickly spot a fake strap.

Firstly (and fore mostly) check the buckle. The "ST. STEEL - F" text on the genuine Z22 / Z20 has wide spacing - the fake's text is compressed.
On the fake buckle there is an indent above the "SEIKO" text, this is a bump on the genuine article.

Check the images below. The GENUINE strap is on the LEFT. The FAKE is on the RIGHT :

Genuine Buckle

Genuine Z22 buckle - note spacing of text

Fake Buckle

Fake Z22 buckle - note horrible flash marks, no text spacing

The overall quality of the fake strap is shocking when directly compared to the real Seiko strap.
The fake strap on the right has numerous flash marks where it was moulded. The holes and "SEIKO Z22" stamp are ill defined.
The real strap on the left is streets ahead in quality. The holes are all perfectly formed with no flash marks:

Genuine Z22 Stamp

Genuine Z22 stamp

Fake Z22 Stamp

Fake Z22 stamp

Real Z22 top view

Genuine Z22 - note perfectly formed holes, crisp stamp

Fake Z22 top view

Fake Z22 - note fuzzy holes and stamp

This is an alternative genuine Seiko Z22 -B drilled buckle.

This one doesn't seem as popular as the -F, it has a buckle with no bump and the spring bar holes are drilled

Genuine -B Z22 buckle 1

Genuine -B Z22 buckle 1

Genuine -B Z22 buckle 2

Genuine -B Z22 buckle 2

This flat Z22 came from eBay - the seller uses the word 'genuine' in the listing. It obviously isn't.

I actually laughed out loud at this one, it's that bad. This sold for the sort of price you would pay for a genuine item.
The buckle is 'special', mould flash everywhere. The wave on the strap is printed in reverse!
It's hard to tell, given that eBay now allows 'private' listings, but I'm guessing this seller has sold quite a few of these..

Fake flat vent eBay Z22

Terrible fake eBay flat Z22 - Love the buckle. Click to enlarge.

Fake flat vent eBay Z22

Fake. Hmm this doesn't look right.. Click to enlarge.

The following is an example of a different fake eBay wave vent Z22.

It is not as bad as some, but it's still pretty poor in comparison to the real deal:

Fake wave vent Z22

Fake. The last few holes have bad moulding flash

Fake Z22 buckle

Fake. The buckle has an almost correct bump, but the text is poorly stamped